Who we are...

Picture Johann Seidl
Johann Seidl
How it all began:

(April 10, 2020)
My name is Johann Seidl, I am 67 years old and I live in Pirmasens.
In 2017 I came in contact with a system that could improve the balance posture of affected persons. I couldn’t get this out of my mind anymore and started to work on a system for daily training, which can be done outside of any therapy.

Utility model protection (click to enlarge)
Protect the idea:

(April 10, 2020)
First of all I did a worldwide patent search with my patent attorney to ensure that nothing comparable to my idea and how I imagined my system already existed. This was confirmed and marked the beginning of my product development.

Bild Zeitungsartikel
Article in Pirmasenser Newspaper (click to enlarge)
Bild Zeitungsartikel
RTL show: "Get The Cash" (License: Sorry, but onhttps://www.mediengruppe-rtl.de/profil/vermarktung/the further links do not work!)
What happened from there:

(April 10, 2020)
In 2018 not only the radio reported about it, but also a major article was published in the Pirmasenser Newspaper. Through my application to the RTL show "Get The Cash" I was able to introduce my product to a broad audience and won 1st prize in this show.

The final product
I have reached my goal:

(April 10, 2020)
After almost 3 years of development I have finalized the "Balance-Feedback-System".

With this system, those affected can train independently day after day and thus make progress. Progress - regarding the feeling of balance and in order to avoid a possible fall.
This is exactly the purpose of the system. To gain more security in everyday life and to lose the fear of falling. This way one achieves more autonomy and independence.

A meaningful product that leads back to a better quality of life.